design / build / style / commercial

Out with the old and in with the new was the theme of this renovation, after an existing salon at 384 Harbord Street was reborn with a new managing partnership. The run-down building from the late 1800s needed work badly, and a lot of love.


Clean-lined, classic materials in dreamy hues create an abundance of light and air within the new gift shop and salon areas. History was stripped away in favour of a sleek, modern, Scandinavian look. Pre-fabricated storage was hacked and repurposed, while new millwork was custom-designed to match the Douglas fir whitewashed plywood walls and dropped ceiling in the shampoo area, a herringbone-clad cocoon described as "the safest place on earth".


One of the most rewarding projects in Brick Row history, both in terms of client appreciation and most dramatic before/after. Palm Sunday is a breath of fresh air.

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